Die Beschreibung hier war also eine Patentklage gegen google wert?

A hybrid compiler-interpreter comprising a compiler for „compiling“ source program code, and an interpreter for interpreting the „compiled“ code, is provided to a computer system. The compiler comprises a code generator that generates code in intermediate form with data references made on a symbolic basis. The interpreter comprises a main interpretation routine, and two data reference handling routines, a dynamic field reference routine for handling symbolic references, and a static field reference routine for handling numeric references. The dynamic field reference routine, when invoked, resolves a symbolic reference and rewrites the symbolic reference into a numeric reference. After re-writing, the dynamic field reference routine returns to the main interpretation routine without advancing program execution to the next instruction, thereby allowing the rewritten instruction with numeric reference to be reexecuted. The static field reference routine, when invoked, obtain data for the program from a data object based on the numeric reference. After obtaining data, the static field reference routine advances program execution to the next instruction before returning to the interpretation routine. The main interpretation routine selectively invokes the two data reference handling routines depending on whether the data reference in an interaction in a symbolic or a numeric reference.