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Datenschutz? Privacy?

Im kleinen ja gerne, im großen eher nicht.
Die Preisgabe der Flugdaten von Europa nach USA widerspricht zwar jedem Datenschutz in unserem Recht, aber bei ganzen Staaten drückt man da ja mal ein Auge zu. Und was waren das wohl für Verhandlungen? Amerika sagt was es will und Europa stimmt halt zu. Dem ganzen Kniefall verpassen wir dann das Feigenblatt der Verhandlungen, einfach peinlich.
Was sind es denn nun für 30 Einzelwerte, die pro Fluggast übermittelt werden? Alleine die Kreditkartennummer ist schon fragwürdig. Jeder soll sie möglichst nicht aus der Hand geben und hier wird sie zentral gehorted? Unmöglich sowas. Datenschutz?
Schade drum.

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  1. Siehe dazu auch:

    Requested data (PNR, APIS and DCS)

    Through the Advanced Passenger Information System („APIS“), the US agencies will request the name, the date of birth, the nationality, the sex, passport number and place of issue, foreign registration number (if applicable), address in the United States during the stay and any other data deemed necessary to identify the persons traveling.

    In addition, the US requires to get information collected by the reservation and departure control systems („DCS“), which is connected to the Passenger Name Record System („PNR“). (Example of PNR.) Because this system contains all passenger data of the whole airline company, the system is not restricted to a specific flight. Thus, allowing full access to the DCS and PNR means that the US Customs would have also full access also to the data of passengers not flying from or in the United States. The momentary PNR file contains information provided to the moment of the reservation, intended to ensure the associated transport and services, and which the travel agencies, the companies or the luggage handlers reach. It can contain up to sixty fields, according to the companies and their level of service: identity of the traveller, health, paid price, banking co-ordinates, telephone number of a person to be contacted in the event of problem, place of lodging in the country of destination, name of people with whom the person travels. In certain cases it might contain the history of the preceding voyages and the choice of meal. A passenger, usually, may choose „no pref, baby, child, pure vegetarian, vegetarian (lacto), fruit, raw, seafood, high fiber, diabetic, low calorie, low fat/low cholesterol, low protein, low sodium, no lactose, Asian vegetarian, Asian, Hindu, kosher, Musli, Bland.“ The specifications „Asian vegetarian, Asian, Hindu, kosher, Musli, Bland“ make obvious that these data must be regarded as a category of „special sensitive data“ because they could reveal the religious or ethnic background of the passenger.

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